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The Gail Keith Marketing Way
Your marketing should be deliberate, practical and designed to fit your unique business. We never throw money at marketing and we don’t let our client’s waste money on tactics that don’t work. We understand the tools that are available, how to measure results and break down the steps to position your company for sustainable success. We adapt quickly and take immediate action on your behalf.
We believe in over communicating with our clients. With each tactic we implement, we will discuss how we will measure its success and the type of reporting we need to create in order to give you total piece of mind about your marketing investment.

Discovery & Planning
Discovery is to gather all the necessary information to assure your marketing plan is deliberate, and specifically targets your company needs. We will have several conversations about your industry, the competition and the company’s short-term and long-term goals. Part of the discovery process is to discuss your ideal customer, customers you hate, areas of business you wish to develop, industry trends, your unique selling propositions and that little thing we like to call a budget. Gathering this information allows us to make critical and immediate recommendations, evaluate ideas which are on the table and review marketing that is already in place to determine if we can fine-tune the execution to gain better results.

Based on the findings in discovery & planning process, we will begin working on your project immediately. Whether we need to design a new website, evaluate your print materials, gain engagement through social media or even place advertising we are ready to move at the to support your growth goals and deploy a marketing plan almost immediately.

Review & Exit
While many of our clients have yet to reach the “exit” stage, some hired us for a specific marketing project with a limited time frame. No matter how long or how short our marketing engagement is, we conduct regular reviews to assure every client is positioned for success, we agree to certain expectations and are always fostering new ideas to support the organization’s long-term goals.

Your Investment with Us
Whether you want to execute the plan internally, need support with various elements or prefer to outsource all of your marketing projects, Gail Keith Marketing will create a custom marketing package to fit YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Many of our clients are surprised by how affordable we really are!


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